We at Radkutsche are a young team of engaged bike enthusiasts for whom E-bikes mean more than just business, but also a way of life. Our passion is reflected in the quality of our E-bikes, cargo bikes and rickshaws. 


Our goal is sustainable mobility, and we put all of our energy into developing the perfect cargo bicycle. Whether two- or three-wheeled, our cargo bikes are well thought-out, ergonomic and swift companions for your day-to-day.

Our bikes are no mass-produced commodities, but rather hand-made cargo vehicles.
We believe that the key to developing sustainable mobility is the quality of, and harmony among, our bicycle components. This goes beyond product life cycle and the practicalities of riding a bicycle. Indeed, we are always looking for the sweet spot between two sources of energy -- the electric motor and your manpower -- through which cars may be replaced and eventually made obsolete.


The current trend to individualized transportation will continue into the future. In order to reach our emissions target, we mustn't necessarily restrict our travel options, but rather more seriously consider the different contexts of mobility. 
Environmental conservation, in the form of sustainable mobility, begins with our cargo bikes!

Our clean transportation alternatives fulfill your demand for the most individualized form of locomotion possible. With the RAPID you can discover every nook and cranny of the downtown city center. When there is no traffic, you can have a laid-back ride to work, the market or home. In the process you will become more flexible than other commuters, and often even faster in the city center than those driving cars.
Simultaneously, you can transport over 300 kg (660 lb.) on the pallet-sized loading area of the MUSKETIER. Both the RAPID and MUSKETIER are fitted with electronic components that provide you with assistance and lend themselves to navigating hilly and less rider-friendly cities.
Our cargo bikes offer convenience--they are small, flexible and effective. Furthermore, they significantly reduce noise pollution, while promoting your physical health and protecting the environment. These factors have the potential to increase the quality of life of all.

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