Flexible, eco-friendly and hard as nails

Our Musketier provides a convenient mix of comfortable cargo transportion and sustainable mobility. Notable is our flexibility in rig customization and modular varieties: Whether a delivery person, craftsman or city logistician, the Musketier gets your cargo from A to B with ease and convenience. Our customers have had success in other spheres as well, for example fashioning mobile crêpe stands and multi-purpose market bikes.



Technical Data

Standard model

FrameRobust steel frame, hand-welded
ForkStable double bridge fork
Gear hubContinuous Enviolo Cargo shifting
BrakesHydraulic Tektro disc brake pads
WheelsHeavy-duty 24" downhill wheels with cargo hubs und reinforced spokes
Length2,62 m (8 ft. 7 in.)
Width0,98 m (3 ft. 3 in.)
Heightdepending on set-up
Unladen weight58 Kg (128 lb.)
Maximum permissible total weight300 Kg (661 lb.)
ColorImpact-resistant powder coating; Standard: green/black; RAL colors optional
TyresContinental tyre for Musketier 24'' x 2.4, with puncture protection and reflector stripes. Specially developed for cargo bikes.
lighting system Front light Bu.M Lumotec Lyt + 2x rear light AXA Blueline



Now with 9mm aluminium sandwich panels, our new Muskebox transports your freight from A to B safely and easily.
The lockable Muskebox is also available with thermal lining for transporting perishable wares.
Internal dimensions: (LxWxH) 127cm x 83cm x 127 cm



Whether cases of fruit and vegetables, or boxes of wine and toolboxes - it all fits on our MUSKETIER platform! The bed hinge allows for quick and effortless loading.



After years of experience driving rickshaws, we designed the Radkutsche variation to meet the demand of every undertaking: Drivers make smooth headway; passengers experience one-of-a-kind expeditions; and ample advertising space gives you the recognition you are seeking.

Our rickshaw is an eye-catcher with maximal driving pleasure.

We equip our rickschaws with high-tech and hand-made components: From continuous shifting to LED lighting and hydraulic disc brakes, our rickschaw offers everything that a human-powered vehicle needs, both today and in the future. Furthermore, we offer canopy cover printing -- a profitable design option. Indeed, our attention to detail makes riding in this rickshaw a delight.

Additionally, we offer a high-power motor to manage those long, inclined mileage without any problems.


Market stand

Attract the attention of market-goers with our solar-powered market rig for the MUSKETIER!

The MUSKETIER market rig, equipped with a solar panel, gets your provisions to customers in both a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. The bike rig itself is a selling point for many customers, and is sure to attract the attention of new customers as well.




Mobile coffee stand

Our coffee bike gives new meaning to "Coffee to go" -- and new competition for other coffee shops. Cater with a hot cup of joe anywhere and in a unique way -- in pedestrian zones and parks, or next to civil service buildings and large office complexes.

Whether you ride solo or as part of a franchise, realize your mobile coffee shop dream! Life is too short for crappy coffee.



Woud you like to offer your customers more than run-of-the-mill cuisine?

With the crêperie rig for the Musketier, provide your customer base with something new: Mobile, culinary, and overall unforgettable.

Share your passion for the delicious crêpes and cookies of Brittany, for business or pleasure.

The crêperie rig is great for trips around the city in search of rumbling tummies. It also comes in handy as a mobile attraction for companies during busy event seasons, including business outings, anniversaries, Christmas markets and other celebrations or milestones.

Our crêperie rig for the Musketier is equipped with modern and professional-quality machinery, both gas and electric. Therefore you decide if you want to work with one or two burners, or how many attachments and accessories you would like to install.



Variety of colors

The cargotrike MUSKETIER comes in the standard Radkutsche green, but can also be customized with any RAL color ( Try it out with our MUSKETIER Customizer!

Build one of a kind

With our Customizer you can construct a unique, hand-assembled MUSKETIER – entirely suited to your wants and needs.

We would also be happy to advise you personally: +49 7473 5021212

Customize your bike

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