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Our Team


Our goal is sustainable mobility. We put all of our energy into developing the perfect cargo bicycle: whether two- or three-wheeled, our bikes are well thought-out, ergonomic and swift companions for your day-to-day.

Our bikes are not mass-produced commodities. Rather, they are hand-made cargo vehicles that break with traditional mobility concepts and blaze new trails. That’s our trademark.
We believe that the key to developing sustainable mobility goes beyond product life cycle and practical use. The substance of our bikes is both quality and harmony among components. Indeed, we aim for the sweet spot between the two fundamental sources of energy -- electric motors and muscular work -- by which cars may be replaced and, eventually, made obsolete.


The current trend of individualized transportation will continue into the future. But that doesn’t mean, for example, that we ought to restrict travel options to reach emission targets. Instead we must seriously consider the different contexts of mobility. 

Environmental conservation in the form of sustainable mobility begins with our cargo bikes!

Our cargo bikes offer convenience--they are small, flexible and effective. Furthermore, they significantly reduce noise pollution, while promoting your physical health and protecting the environment. These factors have the potential to increase the quality of life of all.

Our clean transportation alternatives fulfill your demand for the most individualized form of locomotion possible. With the Rapid you can discover every nook and cranny of the downtown city center. When there is no traffic, you can have a laid-back ride to work, the market or home. In the process you will become more flexible than other commuters, and often even faster in the city center than those driving cars.

Simultaneously, you can transport over 300 kg (660 lb.) on the pallet-sized loading area of the Musketier. Our two models are fitted with electronic components that provide you assistance when navigating hilly regions and less rider-friendly cities.

Sustainable manufacturing

We are also consistently ecological when it comes to the production of your cargo bikes.

In 2019, our first production facility was built on an energy-saving floor slab with insulation. The hall is made of so-called board stacks in solid wood construction, it was produced by the company Schaffitzel in Schwäbisch Hall and installed by a local carpentry.

According to the energy certificate, the hall corresponds to an energy efficiency house KfW 55. The ecological planning and a strict focus on solar energy mean that we get over 70% of our heating needs from solar thermal energy. Even in November, when other heating systems would have been turned on already, we can leave our pellet heating switched off, as we can run a very low flow temperature (below 30° Celsius) with the activated floor slab. In this way, even the short hours of sunlight are used effectively. In addition, the large floor slab serves as an additional storage tank.

We have been with Green Planet Energy (formerly Greepeace Energy) from the beginning, generating all our own electricity consumption via photovoltaics. A Smartflower also rotates with the sun, so we can make the most of sunlight early in the morning and late in the evening. For the night, we have a wind turbine for energy production and a battery as intermediate storage. Thus, we feed about 2000 kWh of additional electricity into the grid each year.

Around our production hall we contribute to the preservation of biodiversity. We plant native plants and create various habitats, such as with our natural sandstone walls or through insect-friendly flower mixtures on our green spaces. In addition, we grow food, because we are convinced that our food supply needs to become more local again. This saves long transport routes and avoids packaging. Planted as an eatable garden, these foods are freely available for employees, customers or people passing by.  

For all other food we pay attention to biological quality in our purchase. Our office supplies and everyday articles are also purchased with ecological aspects in mind.

And of course: most of the Radkutsche employees come to work by (cargo)bicycle!


The Radkutsche Team

  • Stefan Rickmeyer
    Founder & Managing Director
    Stefan Rickmeyer

    My Vision

    As a champion of ecological mobility that is both functional and fun, I believe in taking many small steps to better the world. 

    My Statement

    Quality, hard work and dependability are important to me. I want to build bikes not just to make the most profit, but rather to provide dependable, life-long vehicles.

    My first bike …

    “…I disassembled into its component parts”

    Yearly mileage on bike:

    ca. 5,000 Km

  • Rafael Liebsch

    Rafael Liebsch
  • Caroline Esche
    Assistance and Accounting
    Caroline Esche

    My Vision

    To better the world, if only a little, and to act with foresight in order that future generations have a quality life.

    My Statement

    In German, to "maintain the red thread” means to stick to plan. Personally, I prefer the “green thread”: a sustainable lifestyle is crucial, and that includes ecological mobility at Radkutsche. As leader of the accounting department, I am glad to help find solutions for you and your business.

    My first bike …

    “…was light-blue with training wheels.”

    Yearly mileage on bike:

    ca. 2,000 Km

  • Rick Creemers
    Head of sales
    Rick Creemers

    My vision

    No challenge is too big, you just need the right strategy.

    My statement

    To advise and assist everyone who dares to make the world a little bit better by taking a bike into their lives. At Radkutsche I work as first contact partner for customers from all over the world, watch the newest trends and guard our stategy about my biggest passion: bicycles.

    My favorite bike

    'brought me 55.000km solo around the world, over all seven continents and 8 desserts.'

    Yearly kilometers on my bike

    ca. 8.000km

  • Konrad Witt
    Customor advisor
    Konrad Witt

    My vision:

    Ever since I first discovered a "Long John" in Bornholm in 1981, I have believed that this bike is capable of reducing car traffic. By adapting this classic model to southern German terrain with the help of an engine, gears and solid brakes, the Radkutsche contributed to the realization of my dream of that time.

    My statement:

    While we may have to wait even longer for the political implementation of a car-free society, we can already set out and bring alternatives into the world through individual action.

    My first bike:

    ... soon became too small for me. The 26'' three-speed that followed served me for over thirty years as a "rain bike" when the racing bike had to stay at home.

    Annual mileage:

    2,000 km with the Rapid

  • Benjamin Pfrommer
    Benjamin Pfrommer

    My vision

    Making the mobility turnaround possible: combining and securing quality and quantity by smart production planning.

    My statement

    I have been connected to the bicycle industry through the cycling sport since my childhood. Radkutsche offers me the perfect combination of my love for the bicycle and the idea of sustainability, which influences my life to the same extent.

    My first bike...

    ... I have braked so long until the tires bursted.

    Yearly kilometers on my bike

    ca. 11.000 Km

  • Sebastian Eberleh
    CAD & Development
    Sebastian Eberleh

    My vision

    Convince others through my own designs and creating a new transport concepts to implement in the mobility of the future.

    My statement

    I live car-free, have fun with it, and I can do it. What else can I personally do for a better climate?

    My first bike...

    ...was an old man's bike. At that time already over 60 years old, much too big and heavy like lead. Today it fits luckily.

    Yearly kilometers on my bike

    ca. 11.000 Km

  • Jonas Adam
    Master carpenter (superstructures & gastrobikes)
    Jonas Adam

    My statement

    Cycling relaxes me; if we can also relax the traffic with a cargobike, we should do that.

    My first bike...

    ... was allowed to sleep in my bedroom.

    Yearly kilometers on my bike

    ca. 2.000 Km

  • Oliver Rohm
    Customer service
    Oliver Rohm


    A world worth living in, with intact nature, for all


    Every bike counts!

    My first bike:

    Was orange with a spider emblem on the saddle and I got it second-hand from my cousin.

    Annual kilometers:

    There should be an indication here or another heading, otherwise it doesn't fit. Anything under 10km is definitely ridden by bike.